Sunday, 20 May 2012

Old photos

If you're my age (50 - eek!) or over, most of your childhood photos will be in black and white. Nearly all of the photos we have from the 1960s are black and white with only a few in colour. Colour film was fairly rare and expensive at the time. My parents often wish that we had the technology that's around today including digital cameras and camcorders. We'd have certainly had thousands of pictures and hours of film if that had been the case. Perhaps, though, there's something special about having the few black and white photos that we have, my dad's old flickering cine films and the reel to reel tape of my voice when I was 4 year old.
Recently, my publisher's, Amberley, coloured in the cover of a book I wrote about Butlin's using Photoshop. For overseas readers, I should explain that Butlin's was, and is, a popular British holiday camp which is remembered by many with some affection. I was impressed how Amberley had tinted black and white photos from the 1960s and made them look like colour shots and I decided to find out how it was done. As with everything nowadays, it was very easy to find the answer using Google and the whole process was incredibly simple. If you'd like to give it a go, check out
Meanwhile, here's a few photos that I've coloured in recently. The first features me and Alan at Tiger Balm Gardens and the next two feature friends and fellow bloggers, James Seah and Lam Chun See. I think the process brings old photos alive although I'm sure that some of the colours probably aren't 100% accurate!