Saturday 26 June 2010

Monsoon Memories

I have been putting this blog together for quite a while now but many people who were in Singapore and Malaya don't get to read it because they have no access to the internet. Because of this, I've compiled all the tales featured here into a new book, 'Monsoon Memories'. If you have relatives or friends who would like a copy, or if you would rather have a book version for yourself, then there are more details about the book on the right hand side of this page.
The more I write about our times in Singapore and Malaya, the more I seem to remember. I enjoy sharing all these memories with everyone and there are still lots more to come. I hope that the book will bring back many happy memories.

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  1. Hi Derek, congratulations on the publication of "Monsoon Memories". Thank you for the splendid efforts to retrieve from his loads of photos, content material from various research resources and from your Singapore childhood memories for us to share and jolt our fond remembrance as we walk down memory lane. Best Wishes.