Friday, 6 August 2010

School Milk

All kids were given milk at school at one time. Some hated it but I loved it. When we got back to England in 1968, we were just given white milk and quite often, there seemed to be something floating in it! Anyone who was in Singapore and Malaya will remember that we were not only given white milk but also chocolate and strawberry. Kids were amazed by this when we told them back in England. I always had chocolate milk or, if they ran out, strawberry. I didn't understand the kids who always drank the white milk but there was always plenty of it. I think that the teacher would always take the order for milk beforehand to see how many wanted chocolate, how many wanted strawberry and how many just wanted plain milk. Flavoured milks are commonplace today but back in the 1960s, to me anyway, it seemed very unusual. I don't remember that it could be bought in the shops anywhere at the time although you could always order fizzy, flavoured milkshakes in the local cafes. Of course, the days of school milk are now long gone. I'm not sure if the kids of today are affected by this or not. I don't remember much about my school days, just a few memories of being in the classroom, catching the school bus and taking part in assemblies and watching the Nativity plays. Though, I think like all kids then, I'll always remember that they once gave us chocolate and strawberry milk when we went to school.


  1. I think for Sporean kids of our generation, fresh milk was a bit of a luxury. I remember in primary school some of the rich kids drank milk from a pyramid-shape tetra-pak.

    I do recall though that in our kampong, an Indian man came around on a bicycle to deliver fresh milk in soft drinks bottles.

  2. In my early schooldays at Delta Primary School in Singapore in the 1960s, the teacher selected me to be among several under-nourished schoolmates to drink free milk during recess time.

    I could remember how we had to queue in the tuckshop and each student receive a glass of hot, boiled milk each.

    If I could recall, the concentrated milk was not too sweet, somewhat salty in fact. Like the natural flavour very much not available in commercial branded fresh milk found elsewhere. I love plain fresh milk ;)

  3. Milk was served at my primary school (Anglo-Chinese School) right up to 1980 when I left. We had a choice of plain, chocolate and strawberry too (in small tetra-paks).
    So the practice did continue right up to the late 70s.