Friday, 19 November 2010

Star Trek

There was one show that we all loved to watch in Singapore and Malaya back in the 1960s and that was Star Trek. It's funny how your mind plays tricks on you because I always remember watching the show in colour but, of course, back then, we only had rented black and white sets. I think Star Trek was always on about 7 or 8pm. I remember it was dark anyway! People laugh about William Shatner's acting back then but it all looked great when I was a kid and the show was way ahead of its time. We never missed it. I remember the first episode I ever saw of Star Trek. It was the one where Kirk fights an odd looking dinosaur alien. It appears that there wasn't much money spent on this episode! I recognise the location because it's been featured in many films and tv shows over the years, including 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure'. That dinosaur gave me nightmares afterwards but he looks very harmless today. Of course, nowadays, we've all seen every episode of the original Star Trek at least 12 times and know it all off by heart but back in the 60s it all seemed amazing. Alan and me would re-enact episodes in the back garden at Jalan Wijaya the next day.
I've found a clip of that very first episode that I saw on YouTube. It's described as the 'worst fight scene ever'. See what you think. I never did watch any of the follow up Star Trek shows on the telly and, although millions of people enjoy them, I don't think I'm missing much!


  1. You're right. The 'action' of those old movies was really 'lame' by today's standards. But that didn't stop us kids from having a great did it? In fact, one of my earliest nostalgia articles was about the black and white kung fu movies that we loved to watch as kids. And we watch them at an open air cinema. Read my story here.

  2. There was another tv series called Lost in Space. I think they also made that into a movie some years ago.

  3. Hi Derek I remember watching Time Tunnel in 1967, I watched all the episodes just recently and found it so funny with the polystyrene boulders etc!

    Really good memory evoking blog.

    Regards David Smith