Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New edition of Sampans, Banyans and Rambutans

The new edition of Sampans, Banyans and Rambutans should be available from Amberley Publishing very shortly. In the meantime, here's a sneak preview of the cover. It should go to print sometime this week so will be in the shops very soon. The original version has sold very well, selling all over the world, and I'm hoping the new version will appear in many more shops and get a lot more coverage. It's already available on Amazon and Waterstones on the net to pre-order if anyone wants to check it out. I love the front cover with all those sampans covering the Singapore river!


  1. I have the original book, so am just wondering, what are the differences in this one please? Are the photos in colour throughout the book? Are there some new chapters?

    Many thanks for all your work on these books, so lovely to see and remember such happy times.

  2. Hi,
    The new book will be similar to the first one but being published by a larger publisher, it will be better quality, glossy and have a wider distribution. I haven't seen the final copy but hopefully, some photos will be in colour.
    Best wishes,