Sunday, 14 August 2011


There's an excellent series showing on Okto television in Singapore at the moment. It's called Foodage and is shown at 8pm on Thursday evening. It traces Singapore's food history in the years since independence. Through collective personal memories, home movies and photos, the series recaptures the lifestyle and food trends of the past.
It features many of my friends and bloggers from Singapore reminiscing about food sellers, markets and the many changes over the years.
The show really captures how Singapore was in days gone by. The country has changed vastly and there are many clips of old buildings, kampongs, Tiger Balm Gardens and all the other places that we remember from our childhood.
If all goes well, I'll be in the episode shown on the 18th August (the day before my 50th birthday!). I've seen the first episode but I'm not sure I'll be as good as my other bloggers have been!

Here's a clip from episode 2 showing The Wise Old Owl - Unk Dicko. Dick Yip sings and plays the ukelele. Excellent!

Here's another clip, this time showing my good friends, James Seah and Dick Yip.
If you're in Singapore try to catch it and, if you're not in Singapore, let's hope that it will all pop up on YouTube eventually.


  1. Happy Birthday Derek. How timely and I could finally place a face and a voice to the kid that I seen so many times in you books and blog.

    Thanks for sharing your videos and photos with Singaporeans.

    Did you know that James Seah's account of the great Bukit Ho Swee fire was singled our by our Prime Minister during his National Day Rally speech on Sunday? He was cited as a Heritage Hero who helped younger Singaporeans gain a better understanding of our heritage.

    Chun See

  2. Thanks Derek. I hope all is well for connecting us here us in Singapore with you in UK. We were never been apart or away in this "virtual world" when we were in Singapore 1960s. Cheers!