Saturday, 4 August 2012

Our Triumph Herald

I was sat in a queue of traffic last week, waiting for the lights to change, when a Triumph Herald pulled up beside me. It was almost identical to the one we had in Singapore and Malaya in the 1960s but where as ours had a red stripe, this one had a green stripe. What struck me was just how small the car was and, as I sat at the lights, it reminded me of our days in the Far East. We went everywhere in that car including Jason's Bay, the Botanic Gardens and into the city. Someone mentioned recently how their dad would drive them over the causeway from Johore with no shoes on, buy new shoes and wear them back. Of course, this was to avoid the duty that had to be paid when you returned back to Malaya. Everyone did it and nearly everyone got away with it.
I've told the story before about when we visited the Botanical Gardens and it was so hot that my dad left the windows down. When we came back to the car, it was full of monkeys! One looked like he was trying to drive. I remember my dad chased them off and I also remember that one pooped on his seat!
I also remember going into the city and kids would ask for money to look after your car. You had to give it to them else you might find bits missing to be sold as spare parts to other people with similar cars.
We went everywhere in that car but not one of us can remember what happened to it! I suppose it was probably sold to the next Naval family that moved in after we left. I doubt it's still going!


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    Hi Derek,

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  2. Hello Derek,
    Just stumbled on your blog & found this picture - WOW - we had a Triumph Herald (without the stripe) just like yours. I lived in Singapore from 1958 - 1968 & went to the Hollandse school (Dutch school) and lots of very fond memories of that time!!! (i also have lots of photos) Ingrid