Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My first passport

When we first went to Singapore in 1965, I must have been included on my parents' passport. It wasn't until 1967, when I was 6, that I got my very own passport. It was one of those lovely old navy blue passports that everyone had at one time. It's funny, I couldn't write very well then (if at all) and I had to sign the bottom of the passport but made a mess of it. That's why there's a bit of sticky tape over where my signature would have been. I remember my hand being guided to produce the signature that you can see here. I don't remember being measured but I was 3ft 10" at the time. I wonder if people still have to put their height on their passports nowadays? I'm not sure why I needed a passport at the time and it was always funny that the people who issued it spelt my name wrong anyway! Maybe it was issued because we were returning to England within 6 months. There are no exotic stamps in it, just one to get into Malaysia in 1967. We'd already been there two years! It was cancelled about 38 years ago but I'm glad I kept it. It somehow looks more official than the little passports you get nowadays. I quite like the passport photo, I think that I remember that t-shirt. My passport photos would never be the same again!

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