Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tiger Balm Gardens

I love this photo taken at Tiger Balm Gardens which shows my brother, Alan, me and our mum. I look very little so I suppose the photo was probably taken in 1965 when I would have been 4 years old. All I remember about the day was that it was quite a job for me getting on that rhinocerous! My dad had probably quickly put me on its back before taking the picture with our Kodak 127 Brownie. I remember that there were signs everywhere, in both English and Chinese, asking people to keep off the exhibits. I don't think that anyone ever took any notice though!
Last time, I was at the gardens in 1990, there was no sign of the rhino and the gorilla at the main gate had also disappeared. I know that the gorilla has been re-instated, with his fierce pointed teeth filed down, but I wonder if the rhino ever made a reappearance?

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  1. Hi Derek
    Accidentally found your blog. Lovely blog, brought back memories of the places you mentioned ( am a former Malaysian living in the area, now am living near Sydney). Recently I was trying to remember the title of a book I read in primary school. Thanks to your blog, I got it now - The Little Black Sambo". Loved that story of tiger turning into butter. Like you, too innocent to think of this book as racist.