Friday, 10 February 2012

Good Morning Yesterday

Fellow blogger and good friend, Lam Chun See, kindly sent me a copy of his latest book which I've been enjoying reading very much. It's a lovely book and I'm sure it will prove very popular.
Chun See has gathered together his memories of growing up in Singapore in the 1950s and 1960s and, with Singapore changing so much, it makes fascinating reading. Chun See's incredibly popular blog, 'Good Morning Yesterday' has received over one million page views and the book combines the many interesting stories and photos featured within its pages. It includes chapters about kampong life, family, friends and neighbours, festive occasions, family outings and much, much more.
I think that it makes excellent reading and made me feel like I was actually there. I think that it should feature on the school curriculum in Singapore to show children of today what life was once like in their beautiful city. So much has changed over the years, even since I was last there in 1990.
It was also good to see a piece in the book from another good friend and fellow blogger, James Seah.
Last year, we all appeared in 'Foodage' together and I can't help thinking that all the material featured within the pages of the book would make an excellent educational tv series in Singapore.
I'd certainly recommend the book to anyone who has an interest in the Far East and I hope it sells many copies.
There's more information on Chun See's blog at:


  1. Thanks for the kind words and recommendation, Derek. And of course, for the help and advice you rendered throughout my writing process. And not to mention my quoting sections of your books about the Tiger Balm Gardens.

    I hope my liberal use of Chinese dialect terms, as well as frequent references to places here in Spore did not put you and my other UK friends off. Many young Sporeans are not familiar with the Chinese dialects of my generation. I also needed to highlight the tremendous amount of physical changes that Spore has gone through for the benefit of the younger readers.

    Of yeah. The number of page views in my blog has not reached the million mark yet. I just looking forward to it.Should be in about a month's time.

  2. Thank you, Derek. We are happy that Chun See has published "Good Morning Yesterday - Growing Up in Singapore in the 1950s and 1960s".

    Congratulations on the successful of Chun See's first experience and efforts to compile and reorganization the stories in over 6 years from over 500 blogs and going strong at "Good Morning Yesterday". My pleasure to be included as a guest blogger for a few topics in his book.

    Your book "Sampans, Banyans and Rambutans - A Childhood in Singapore and Malaya" and the several books you have written to inspire our many nostalgia bloggers. No two stories about Singapore memories are ever the same...and the storytellers to share with us in many ways. More books about the "good old days" to revive our fond nostalgic memories as a convenient and handy book for Singapore memories to remember.

    In the Foreword of the book by Gene Tan, Director, The Singapore Memory Project:

    "I feel privileged once again to be privy to this unravelling thumbdrive of a rich and meticulously remembered life. There is so much attention to detail, so much so that Chun See has even mapped out the shops in the environs that he grew up in".

  3. Hi

    I too grew up in the 50s and 60s and I am glad that I am the age I am and therefore experienced those wonderful years in Malaya and Singapore. I must get a copy of your book.