Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Kebun teh Royal Naval School, Johore

Both Alan and me attended the Royal Naval School at Kebun teh. The school can't have been very far away but we always got the school bus in every morning. These two photos both feature Alan's class in about 1966 or 1967. The photos were taken by Mr Lee who used to take all of the photos of classes and other events. I don't really remember him but he had a photo
studio at Admiralty Road, West HM Naval Base, Singapore. Apparently, he's still around and has a vast archive of old photos of Singapore. If you were in Singapore at the time and had your photo taken, I've no doubt he's still got the negative. I don't remember too much about the school at Kebun teh other than what I've written before. The whole area is famous for one other event though and I would imagine that a lot of the pupils who
attended the school in the 1960s know nothing about it. On 4th December 1977,Malaysia Airlines Flight 653 was on route from Singapore to Penang when it was hijacked once it reached cruise altitude. The plane crashed at Tanjung Kupang killing all 93 passengers and 7 crew instantly. The mystery of the hijack has never been solved. It was the country's worst air disaster and the victims of the crash buried at Kebun teh where a memorial now stands. 
The road beside the crash site was named Jalan Kapal Terbang Terhempas (Air Crash Road), the only reminder that the tragedy occurred there. More recently, I was sent photos of Kebun teh School by Margaret Howells that show the school it is was two years ago. As in a lot of Johore, much has changed. The school looks closed off and there are many high rise buildings nearby. It's certainly changed over the years and it seems a very long time ago that Alan and me attended the school, learned how to read and write and drank chocolate flavoured milk!


  1. To be found our schoolday mates after 20 years or more is really nostalgic and memorable. Days before Facebook, our contacts with schoolmates was like looking for a needle in the haystack or to meet someone by chance encounter...or couldn't even recognise them. Its wonderful to have alumni groups on Facebook are sprouting out to trace back all the way to kindergarten days. Happy searching...thanks for the memories ; )

  2. Great post. My brother, sister and I attended the school at Kebun Teh from around 1967 tp 1969 or 1970. I played on the Garrison Colts football team, and my brother on the garrison Rangers. We lived on Jalan Angsana. Looking at your page certianly brings back lots of fond memories. Thank you.

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