Friday, 30 October 2009

Lost friends

Here's a photo of my parents and their friend, Poon at the Chinese New Year Ball in February, 1966. After we returned home in 1968, Poon came to stay with us in Plymouth but then we moved and we all lost touch. My dad would like to hear from him again and I've tried to trace him on the internet but with no luck. I often wonder what happened to him.
I remember when he visited us in Plymouth that my dad warned him that the lock didn't work properly on the bathroom door. He said, 'Don't worry, on my bathroom we don't even have a door!'
Dad told me that 'Poon' was a nickname (after the Chinese racing driver Albert Poon) because his name was unpronouncable to English people. However, some colleagues said that Poon was part of his name and he certainly always signed Christmas cards, 'Poon'. Another friend, my parents would like to hear from, is Omar Mahmood. Both he and Poon worked with my dad at KD Malaya. I suppose after all this time, it's probably impossible to ever find out what happened to them but perhaps one of them, or a family member might read this blog and get in touch!
I remember them both fondly from when I was a kid. It's amazing that it's now 40 years since we last saw Poon.

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