Friday, 30 October 2009

More home movies

Here's another home movie from the 1960s. This one starts with me on the beach at, I think, Jason's Bay, near Johore Bahru. There's also film of my dad and Alan swimming and then you can see the giant parachute that all the men used to set up when we had a banyan. You can also see the family's Triumph Herald in the shot. The cricket match on the same beach features my dad, Bette and Les Sharpe together with Tom and Jean Bagwell, all Naval friends of my parents.

The next scene is us filming as we drive towards the customs point at the causeway. My mum is filming out of the window as my dad drives. Then there are shots of Johore together with all the old shops and cars.Next, there's film of us about to go into the Navy Base entrance.
The final scenes are taken at Jalan Wijaya. There's me at home and then getting an ice cream as a man wearing a turbin drives by on a scooter. The final scene shows me wearing a hat which I remember was left over at our house from a party my parents had with all their Naval friends the night before.
Seems such a long time ago now!

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