Thursday, 29 October 2009

Mr Lee

Here's Alan in our front garden at Jalan Wijaya in about 1966. I bet many Naval families will recognise this chair! Ours came home with us and lasted until about 1990.
In the background is an old car. I think that this may have belonged to Mr Lee who lived across the road from us. I never knew much about him but I remember that he had two wives. I remember one night we heard what we thought was gunfire. At the time there was trouble with Indonesian terrorists and we were cautious about going outside. However, it turned out to be Mr Lee letting off a load of fire crackers that were hanging over his balcony!
Mr Lee once asked my parents over to meet Tunku Abdul Rahman who was the first Prime Minister of Malaysia. I never knew what Mr Lee did for a job but he was quite well off and seemed to have influential friends.
I don't really remember too much about him but he always seemed friendly and would wave over to us. I wonder what he thought of all the Naval folk moving in around him?

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