Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Driving in Singapore and Malaya

I found my mum's old Singapore driving licence the other day. It's dated the 31st July, 1965.
I don't remember my mum driving the car at all but I do remember her taking lessons. Her instructor was called Ahmed and he use to drive a black Morris Minor. He was always chewing betel nuts which made his mouth very red. If my mum wasn't driving too well, he would say, 'I think you fight with husband!' or 'I take you out when you cool down!' It was scary learning to drive out there and everybody seemed to just drive down the middle to avoid the monsoon drains which ran

down either side of the road. There was often a car stuck down one! They would even over take you on both sides.
Mum passed eventually with a few extra lessons from friends who were more used to the roads. I think that the licence had to be re-newed each year.
Her photo in the back certainly sums up the times and fashions!
What was funny was that when we returned to England, a Singapore test pass didn't count so she had to take the whole thing again!

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