Thursday, 5 November 2009

School Days

I remember this day at school. Our class photo was taken on December 1967 and all the photos seemed to be taken in that month, I suppose because it was coming to the end of the term. I remember waiting at the top of the steps to come down to have our photos taken by, I think, a Mr Lee.
In the photo, I'm holding the hand of the girl next to me. I'd long forgotten who she was but her sister emailed me recently and told me that she was Caroline Flack. Also in the photo are my friends at school then, Ian Bagwell and Nigel Barton. 
I couldn't remember much that we got up to at school but then I listened to the tape that we'd sent my gran a year earlier and I'm singing some of the songs that we learned. These include, 'Little Bird', 'Rain Rain Go Away'. All Things Bright and Beautiful', 'A Spoonful of Sugar','Once I caught a Fish Alive' and 'Darkness, Darkness.'
Some of these I don't even remember today but I seemed to know all the words then! 

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  1. nostalgic memories of those good old days...this is great!