Thursday 5 November 2009

Football match, Penang 1966

This photo was taken on the playing fields at the Sandycroft Leave Centre in Penang in 1966. The men played the women in a football match but all the men wore the women's gear and vice versa. I think the women won by 7 goals to 5. I remember this day perfectly but for another totally different reason. Down by the main part of the Leave Centre by the cinema and arcade, there was a litle shop that sold toys. Alan and me loved Batman, The Man From Uncle and the Green Hornet and the shop had just got in the new Corgi Man From Uncle car. The Man From Uncle was a very popular show and the two stars Robert Vaughn and David McCallum were treated like pop stars. The Green Hornet was a programme we also absolutely loved but when we got back to England, we discovered that it had been banned because apparently it was too violent! Maybe that's why Samurai was never shown either. It seems funny now, doesn't it? Anyway, back to the day of the match, Alan and me decided we wanted this Man From Uncle car so we set about tracking down our parents to see if we could hassle dad to give us our pocket money early. We finally found them playing football, got the money and bought the car. I've still got it today! It's funny how these things stick in your memory.

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  1. Post more photos of Penang.....particularly photos of those taken around the Sandycroft area (now Dalat School)...So we can compare the photos of yesteryears with the present...