Sunday 1 November 2009

Jason's Bay

This photo shows the huge tent my dad and his Naval friends used to set up when we had a banyan at Jason's Bay. It was ideal for keeping everyone cool. My mum and dad are pictured on the left of the photo and I'm beside them digging a hole in the sand. I think that the photo was probably taken by Alan.
My dad used to go spear fishing (very James Bond!) and I think I can see his spear gun and his caught fish in the foreground of this photo.
I remember that everyone loved swimming but I was never too keen and I'm sitting in the shade instead of being in the sun. I'm still the same today!
There was always a barbecue set up on the beach somewhere and plenty of Tiger Beer for the men. Everyone would end up swimming or playing cricket though I was just happy exploring.
I love this photo of Robert Bagwell and Alan at Jason's Bay. It was taken at a later time than the first photo, probably about 1966. This photo sums up the fun we all had and it appears on the back of my book, 'Sampans, Banyans and Rambutans.'
It was a lovely time and my parents and all their friends would join in on these trips. I remember them being quite regular events. The beach would be a very busy place when we all arrived, I wonder what all the locals made of us?

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  1. I lived in serangoon gardens from 66 to 69, went to selected school. This blog brings back loads of memories and I still have my stamp album with those same stamps